ZTE is the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions. The company by providing innovative technologies and solutions for the global more than 160 countries and regions, telecom operators and enterprise customers, let the world users enjoy the voice, data, multimedia, wireless broadband and a full range of communication. Founded in 1985, it is listed in Hongkong and Shenzhen. It is the largest listed company of communication equipment in china.
ZTE has the communications industry's most complete, end-to-end product line and integration solutions, through the whole series of wireless cable businessend products and professional communication services, flexible to meet the global differences of different operators and enterprise network customer demand and rapid innovation pursuit. In 2014, ZTE achieved operating income of 81 billion 470 million yuan, with a net profit of 2 billion 630 million yuan, an increase of 94%. At present, ZTE has a comprehensive service to the global mainstream operators and enterprise network customers, intelligent terminal shipments ranked among the top four in the United States, and is known as the "smart city benchmarking enterprise."".
ZTE insists on continuous technological innovation to continuously create value for its customers. Companies in the United States, France, Sweden, India, China to a total of 20 global research and development institutions, nearly 30 thousand domestic and foreign researchers to focus on industry technology innovation; PCT patent application of nearly 5 years in the global top three, 2011 in 2012, PCT won a world. The company relies on 107 branches distributed around the world to win the trust and cooperation of customers all over the world by virtue of increasing innovation ability, outstanding flexibility, customization ability and perfect delivery capability.
As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, ZTE is committed to implementing the concept of sustainable development on a global scale to achieve a harmonious coexistence of society, environment and stakeholders. We use communication technology to help people in different regions have equal freedom of communication; we will be "innovation, integration, green" concept throughout the product life cycle, the whole process as well as research and development, production, logistics, customer service, in order to achieve global unremitting efforts to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The development of community welfare and relief operations we are still in the global scope, participated in the rescue of major natural disasters in Haiti and the Indonesian tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake, and the establishment of the China largest "special fund for children care".
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